UKBR ethos and background


The UKBR is a group for those that both participate in the ethical removal of honey bee colonies and for members of the public requiring the assistance of a bee remover to extract an established colony.  The UKBR is committed to improving methods and techniques, through research and development, to help improve bee health and welfare, during and following the removal and relocation of the bee colony.

UKBR facebook group

a friendly forum to allow the general public to locate and engage with their local honey bee removal professional, for UKBR members to showcase case studies and for general discussion

UKBR map

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members' zone

membership of the UKBR for bee removal professionals


about the UKBR


  • June 2020

    our humble beginnings

    UKBR Facebook Group created

  • November 2020

    setting the benchmark

    Publication of the UKBR Bee Removal Code of Practice to set the benchmark for bee removal work and methods 

  • May 2021

    500+ members

    UKBR group continues to grow strongly passing the 500 members milestone

  • September 2021

    UKBR technical forum launched

    continuing to expand, UKBR adds a dedicated forum for UKBR professionals

  • November 2021

    UKBR at Pesttech 2021

    UKBR admin and moderator team at BPCA PestTech in Milton Keynes

  • December 2021

    refining the benchmark

    UKBR Bee Removal Code of Practice updated to raise the benchmark for bee removal work, methods and techniques

  • January 2022

    UKBR becomes a NFPO

    UKBR starts trading officially as a not-for-profit organisation after registering with Companies House in 2021

  • February 2022

    UKBR committee meet

    The inaugural non virtual UKBR committee meeting as a registered NFPO in deepest Cambridgeshire, along with a visit to see a rather special feral honey bee colony.

  • currently

    1000+ online members

    UKBR group continues to expand it's coverage

  • May 2022

    beginning of the formal UKBR membership rollout

    The UKBR rolls out the next stage in the development of the organisation. In May the UKBR will begin rolling out a formal annual membership for those undertaking humane bee removal work - more information to follow

  • the future

    evolution of the association


meet the UKBR admin team



The UKBR has a proactive admin and moderator team from diverse and varied backgrounds giving the team a wide skillset and knowledge base.

Clive Stewart

UKBR admin

Clive's background is both in beekeeping and pest control and runs training programmes in safe removal of established honey bee colonies.

Tim Wylie


Tim has a background in beekeeping and architecture, specialising in traditional construction techniques, listed buildings and the technical and heritage challenges that they add to bee removals. 

contact the UKBR

BBKA [ British Bee Keeping Association ] 

"The BBKA was founded in 1874 and originally brought together some twenty six county beekeeping associations, not to replicate their work, but to be in a stronger position to represent their interests at government level." Currently the BBKA is run as an umbrella to their seventy four Associations.

Please note that the UKBR does not deal with swarm collections, although many of it's members do offer this service as they are also registered beekeepers. Please refer to the BBKA swarm collection page and it's swarm collectors map for information and contact details for your nearest swarm collector.